Nikoletta Symeonidou

Primary Advisor: JProf. Dr. Beatrice Kuhlmann (University of Mannheim)

Address: University of Mannheim, Junior Professorship of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Aging, L13, 15, Room 320, 68161 Mannheim

Phone: +49 (0)621 181 - 3390


Web Page:,%20M.Sc./

Research Areas: Source memory and source forgetting, Individual and state-specific differences in episodic memory, Mathematical modelling of cognitive processes

Additional Supervisors:

Dissertation Proposal:


Nadarevic, L., Gebhardt, S., Gröger, M.-S., & Symeonidou, N. (2017). In colore veritas? Investigating automatic color-validity associations with a Stroop paradigm. Abstracts of the 20Ith meeting of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (p.209-210). Potsdam: European Society for Cognitive Psychology.