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Prof. Dr. Tanja Lischetzke

Tanja Lischetzke is the deputy spokesperson of the SMiP group.

Address: University of Koblenz-Landau, Department of Psychology (Work group: Psychological assessment, personality psychology, research methods and evaluation), Fortstraße 7, D-76829 Landau, Germany

Web page: www.uni-koblenz-landau.de/de/landau/fb8/ddpme/faculty_and_staff/leitung/lischetzke/tanja-lischetzke

Research areas: Affect Regulation, Well-Being, Statistical Modeling (longitudinal/ multimethod data)

Ph.D. students are very welcome to devise their own thesis topic. However, some possible thesis topics are listed here:
(1) The effect of detachment on profiles of affective-motivational experiences (Advisors: Lischetzke, Sonnentag).
(2) IRT models for unravelling trait assessment from response styles and method effects (Advisors: Meiser, Lischetzke, Hilbig).
(3) Exhaustion and perceptions of job stressors: A latent state-trait approach (Advisors: Sonnentag, Lischetzke, Meiser).