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Prof. Dr. Karl Christoph Klauer

Address: University of Freiburg, Chair of Methodology and Social Psychology, Institut für Psychologie, Engelberger Str. 41, 79085 Freiburg

Web-Page: http://www.psychologie.uni-freiburg.de/Members/klauer

Research Areas: Mathematical Modeling, Memory, Social Cognition

Ph.D. students are very welcome to devise their own thesis topic. However, some possible thesis topics are listed here:
(1) Multinomial processing-tree models of implicit measures of social cognition with response-latency modeling (Advisors: Klauer, Erdfelder).
(2) Investigating the role of sufficiency and necessity in moral judgment (Advisors: Klauer, Hütter).
(3) Integration of response times in threshold models of recognition memory (Advisors: Erdfelder, Klauer).
(4) Conditions for controllable and uncontrollable learning in evaluative conditioning (Advisors: Hütter, Klauer).
(5) A life-span perspective on controllable and uncontrollable learning in evaluative conditioning (Advisors: Hütter, Klauer, Kuhlmann).
(6) Analysis of interpersonal, item-specific, and dynamic predictors of subliminal priming effects (Advisors: Kiesel, Klauer).
(7) Extending diffusion model analyses to more complex decision making (Advisors: Voss, Klauer).
(8) Separation of storage and retrieval in episodic memory (Advisors: Bröder, Erdfelder, Klauer).
(9) Item versus source forgetting rates (Advisors: Kuhlmann, Bröder, Klauer, Voss).