Prof. Benjamin E. Hilbig, Ph.D.

Address: University of Koblenz-Landau, Cognitive Psychology, Fortstraße 7, D-76829 Landau, Germany

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Research areas: Judgment and Decision Making, Cognitive Modeling, Individual Differences

Ph.D. students are very welcome to devise their own thesis topic. However, some possible thesis topics are listed here:
(1)  Identification and separation of decision making processes (Advisors: Hilbig, Bröder, Erdfelder).
(2)  Modeling individual differences in judgment and decision making (Advisors: Hilbig, Erdfelder, Meiser).
(3) Comparative validation of models for indirect questioning (randomized response) to assess sensitive attributes (Advisors: Hilbig, Erdfelder, Ulrich).
(4)  Integrating sampling theories of risky choice with evidence accumulation (diffusion) models (Advisors: Hilbig, Voss, Bröder).