Prof. Dr. Arndt Bröder

Address: University of Mannheim, Chair of Experimental Psychology, L13, 17, D-68161 Mannheim

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Research areas: Judgment and Decision Making, Memory, Statistical Modeling

Ph.D. students are very welcome to devise their own thesis topic. However, some possible thesis topics are listed here:
(1) Separation of storage and retrieval in episodic memory (Advisors: Bröder, Erdfelder, Klauer).
(2) Exemplar-based and rule-based processes in judgment (Advisors: Bröder, Hilbig).
(3) Identification and separation of decision making processes (Advisors: Hilbig, Bröder, Erdfelder).
(4) Modeling of task choice behavior (Advisors: Kiesel, Bröder).
(5) Item versus source forgetting rates (Advisors: Kuhlmann, Bröder, Klauer, Voss).