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SMiP IOPS Conference 2020

With some regret the Research Training Group SMiP and IOPS agreed to call off the SMiP IOPS conference in Mannheim this summer in reaction to the ongoing corona containment policies of our countries.
We plan to move the conference as a whole to June 2021 and are already very much looking forward to welcoming our guests in Mannheim next year.


The joint conference of SMiP & IOPS will take place on June 18 &19, 2020 in the Palace of Mannheim. On June 17 we will have two preconference workshops with our international guests: Prof. Lesa Hoffman (University of Iowa, USA) and the Mercator Fellow of SMiP, Prof. Jeffrey Rouder (University of California at Irvine, USA). Both guests will also give keynote talks at the conference and join us for lively discussions.

We will have a lot of exciting  talks by the PhD candidates of SMiP & IOPS , discussions, a poster session, meetings of the SMiP & IOPS boards, an award ceremony and last but not least the Conference Dinner at the Gartensaal, located in the heart of the Palace.

In the year 2019 it was IOPS who invited the SMiP group to Utrecht to have the first conference together. Now it is SMiP who is inviting the IOPS members to Mannheim to continue this successfull and inspiring cooperation.