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Ph.D. Candidates

Ph.D. Candidates join the Research Training Group SMiP regularly in October, when a new cohort starts with the Ph.D. program. In October 2017 the first eight Ph.D. Candidates joined our group. This SMiP Cohort 2017 is introduced here. We are looking forward to welcoming more Ph.D. Candidates in October 2018 to form the SMiP Cohort 2018.

The SMiP Ph.D. Candidates are invited to actively contribute to the Ph.D. program and the SMiP Research Training Group as a whole. Currently the following Ph.D. Candidates hold different positions established by the SMiP Research Training Group:

SMiP students spokesperson: Jana Berkessel

SMiP deputy students spokesperson: Niels Kukken

 Members of the SMiP students council: Jana Berkessel, Niels Kukken, Mischa von Krause, Anne Voormann

SMiP equal opportunities commission student representative : Raphael Hartmann